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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SmartWasher–For You Cyclists Out There!

We asked our newest Ancient Peaks sponsor to tell us about themselves, and here’s what they sent.

But to cut to the chase, come check him out – he says he can get a muddy bike that hasn’t been cleaned in a season dry in fifteen minutes. Who care’s about science!


ChemFree Corporation’s bioremediating parts washing system, the SW-423, receives rave reviews from the bike community for its cleaning performance and  its commitment to a clean environment.

The SW-423 SmartWasher, a bioremediating parts washing system, can keep your bike looking and performing like new. Although the SmartWasher parts washing systems have a long track record in the automotive and industrial markets, it is brand new to the bicycle service industry and is already getting rave reviews. With special accessories for washing bicycles along with award winning SW4 OzzyJuice and a microbe impregnated filter, called an OzzyMat, the SmartWasher system will outperform any previously available bike wash product with zero impact to the
environment and no danger to users. Don’t let dirt and grime diminish your investment; a clean bike works better and lasts longer.

Founded in 1993, and located in Norcross, GA, ChemFree corporation is a subsidiary of Intelligent Systems Corporation, a publicly traded corporation (AMEX symbol: INS). Manufacturing the patented SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System, ChemFree Corporation provides an alternative method to cleaning vehicle and maintenance parts without harming humans or the environment. The SmartWasher® system consists of the SmartWasher parts washer equipment, OzzyJuice® Degreasing Solutions and OzzyMats™which are microbe impregnated filters. The combination of these products, “the system”, allows the user to eliminate or dramatically reduce waste streams, the expense of hazardous waste removal, the associated liabilities of generating waste, and the hassles of regulatory compliance. Uniting superior performance and environmental responsibility, the ChemFree product line is sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. ChemFree holds 27 patents—11 in the United States and 16 in other countries.

“More than ever, organizations are looking for innovations that allow them to operate
more responsibly. But innovations are not practical if they are expensive or hard to
use. The products that we develop merge environmental responsibility with the things
that businesses have always sought like cost effectiveness, safety, durability and most
importantly, a product that works,” said Tom McNally, ChemFree’s Vice President.

ChemFree manufactures a wide range of SmartWashers that are used for degreasing parts. Bioremediation allows the user to eliminate or dramatically reduce waste streams, eliminating the expense of hazardous waste removal contracts and associated liabilities.

If you would like more information about this topic, the ChemFree product line, or to schedule an interviewplease contact Melissa Page-Hale at 770-564-5589 or (

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