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Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Out Events Invites You to Future World-Class Mountain Bike Race: Event Company Given Permission to Develop Mountain Bike Trails on 14,000 Acre Ranch

San Luis Obispo, February 27, 2011 – All Out Events is excited to partner with Santa Margarita Ranch/Ancient Peaks Winery to host the July 23 & 24th Ancient Peaks Mountain Bike Classic this year. Situated in the coastal hills of central California, this latest race venue looks to be the newest contender for a world class mountain biking destination.

Given access to over 14,000 pristine acres, race director Yishai Horowitz and friends are custom building the terrain for the event in their free time. Says Horowitz, “A lot of venues for these races are just held at established riding areas but we’re being given the opportunity to create world-class trails by the generous land owners who are looking forward to seeing the event prosper.”

Armed with pick axes and McCleods, the trail building team consists of area locals ranging from community enthusiasts to active bike racing competitors. Local professional downhiller Nate Lewis is in charge of developing the downhill course, which features a 1000 foot drop in less than a mile off the land’s most prominent peak. Horowitz, an avid cross country rider, is working with involved locals and competitive racers to develop a 16-mile cross country course using custom single track and existing fire roads. Says Horowitz of the trail development, “We’re making the trails well-groomed and wide single-track, using the natural terrain’s features as much as possible, and making sure that not only is everything totally doable, but super fun.”

This year’s July date was chosen to work with current race schedules and give the All Out team a chance to develop trails, but next year the team is hoping to move it to the weekend after Sea Otter, luring exhibitors and racers a little further south for some jaw-dropping race experiences. All Out will be adding a slalom and super D course for 2012.

For more information, go to

All Out Events Invites You to Future World-Class Mountain Bike Race

Event Company Given Permission to Develop Mountain Bike Trails on 14,000 Acre Ranch

All Out Adventure Series Set to Wow in 2011 Camps, Rebranding, and Even More Offerings

February 25, 2011, San Luis Obispo, CA – All Out Events is excited to host another year of spectacular
adventure races on the Central Coast of California. Normally known as the Central Coast Adventure
Challenge, the series was rebranded this year as the All Out Adventure Series. Says race director Yishai
Horowitz, “We wanted something that reflected the experience a bit more, and its our hallmark event
for All Out, so it just made sense. We hope it’s a flawless transition for our regulars and fans.”

The All Out series is best known for its 12-hour and 2 to 4-hour mountain bike, kayak, trek, and special
challenge races offered in the second weekend of May at the picturesque Santa Margarita Lake. Rated
one of the top five adventure races in the US by National Geographic Adventure magazine, All Out is
excited to bring all-new terrain and new challenges to our usual beautiful, sweeping venue this year.
It is also the site of the second annual California Adventure Racing Association festival (CARA) – the
organization will be offering free clinics throughout the weekend to help initiates cut their teeth as well
as help true competitors learn from some of the best racers in California.

Speaking of learning, All Out has added a weekend of clinics April 9-10 at Santa Margarita Lake, in the
same spirit of education and accessibility. Says Horowitz, “We’ve lined up racing greats like Ian Adamson
and Cyril Jay-Rayon to give participants personalized instruction for a day of classroom and applied
instruction. I cannot emphasize what a once-in-a-lifetime chance this is for AR enthusiasts to get to
know the real mentors in the sport.” After the first day, participants will be given the opportunity to race
with their instructors in an informal 6-hour race and really put what they know to the test.

In June, the All Out series adds that same new 6-hour format to its Lopez Lake race weekend, which
already features a 2-4 hour sprint and hosted part of our bi-annual 24-hour race last year. Says
Horowitz, “The six hour race should be a great way to help sprinters take on more advanced skills while
not killing themselves in the process. We hope people will use it to take their experience racing to the
next setting while being confident they are safe and well within their abilities.”

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

We’re going even greener!

In the past, we’ve used mostly high-quality organic cotton tees for our event shirts, but this year, we’re going to be supplying top-quality, environmentally conscious tech-shirts at all of our self-produced events.

Thanks to a great deal on shirts and printing from Greenlayer tees,  you’ll be inspired by your sweet new training/race shirt!

And yes, ladies, we will have women’s sizes available at all our events this year!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Learn to adveture race or run a 5k!

Learn to adventure race or do your first 5k with All Out Events!
San Luis Obispo, California; Feb 14, 2011 - All Out Events is teaming up with local talent to help people get outdoors no matter what their skill level. 

April 9 & 10, Santa Margarita lake will host some of the worlds greatest Adventure Racers (including SLO resident and racing legend, Ian Adamson) to offer athletes a chance to experience adventure racing in a learning environment. Racers of all abilities will come from all over to hone their skills for the upcoming race season. The two-day camp will offer classroom experience paired with outdoor practice, culminating in a mock-race with the instructors acting as mentors.

Adventure Racing is a multi-sport discipline involving trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, navigation, and many other special skills ranging from roller blading to rope work. Races can last anywhere from 2 hours to 10 days. Last year, All Out Events hosted a 24-hour race exploring the county's backcountry.

If adventure racing is too much, Dash Fitness Studio is offering group training to get 5k enthusiasts ready for the big day. The training is timed to culminate with All Out Event's San Luis Mountain Run on April 17th. The SLO Mountain Run, in it's seventh year, is introducing a 5k to its usual world 10k course.

Find out more about both events at or contact Kristin McNamara at or call 805 748 1478.


You can adventure race!

Most folks haven’t heard of adventure racing – while it’s been around a while, the logistics of putting one on compared to say, a triathlon or a 10k, boggle the mind. Race directors don’t typically make the bank with such ventures, and it can cost a lot for the participants to get involved as well.

So why do we do it?


Maybe you’re not a racer but it sounds like an adventure.

Maybe you’re bored with tris or just mountain biking.

Maybe you’re looking to bond with a friend or partner.

Maybe you just need an escape from the rat race.

The thing is, how do you get into it? If you’ve never been initiated, it can feel pretty daunting. Even the sprints: we describe ours as 2-4 hours of running, mountain biking, kayaking, and special challenges. Depending on the intensity, 2-4 hours can seem like quite a lot when it comes to a multidisciplinary activity.

Can I really run for 2 hours? Okay, first, very few people actually run the course. I more accurate term is “trek.” You might jog some parts, but at least for our races, trying to run the whole course is pretty impossible.


Can I kayak across that lake? I’ve never done that before. Yeah, yeah you can. It’s not a specialized skill, holding that paddle and stroking. There’s definitely a technique, but most people’s worst discipline is the paddle. It’s supposed to be fun, remember?

How hard is the mountain biking? Sometimes it’s really technical, but you know what, you can get off your bike and walk it. No one is going to point and laugh. There’s that “fun” thing again. Many races only offer dirt and paved roads. Ours try to incorporate single track, but most sections are doable by anyone who can ride a bike with confidence. And if you don’t have that skill, isn’t it time you got it? This is one area where consistent practice or even attending a riding clinic will make the sport more fun.

Navigation. Eek. Yeah, I know. Not a skill you usually pick up on your own. Happily, for sprint races, we have arrows telling you where to go.  And when you’re ready – read books, the Interweb, and join an Orienteering club that will love teaching you the ins and outs – and make new friends at the same time!

Ropes? That means heights! Double Eek! Yeah, many places of height/rope options. But note we said options. In AR, there’s always another way. Are you as scared of poison oak? You could always go down that way!

Pack some on-the-go nutrition for when you’re hungry, stay hydrated, and wear clothes that are breathable. But try it.

There are a million reasons people try AR. What’s yours?

Still not ready to get your feet wet? Remember we have the Central Coast Adventure Camp coming up in April! Come learn from the best AR racers and enthusiasts out there.

Ancient Peaks Building

So we made a short promo video that shows you the kind of trails we’re building. We’re about done with three of the sixteen miles of XC trails we need in July.

Local SLO Downhill Pro Nate Lewis is heading up the efforts to build the downhill stuff. We’ll have video interviews with him and reports as it all comes together. Get stoked!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What’s that coming over the hill?

It’s not a monster, it’s a couple dogs, a dude and a chick!

AND IT COULD BE YOU! – April 17th!