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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Huge Shout Out to the San Diegans for Their Support of Pine Mountain Pulldown!

Pine Mountain Pulldown has always donated proceeds to the great organization, Allied Climbers of San Diego:

alliedBut they are doing such an awesome job of supporting us that we really need to take the time to give a public shout out to their efforts to promote the event and to bringing up an army to staff it, too. That’s because ACSD knows a good party when they see one.

Double shout out to Vertical Hold, also of San Diego, for teaming up with Bomber Holds to sponsor our dyno comp this year -  they’re providing ace setters and holds for us!

That’s one thing we really love about the whole industry is the networking and support everyone gives. Don’t you?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pine Mountain Comp Promo

Hey look, we got a camcorder, and this is my first attempt at HD video production, so if it’s rough, forgive. But, the point is, Pine Mountain is awesome and you should go there. Specifically, you should go there on October 8th and not leave till the 10th. And if that’s the case, well, skip on over to

See you soon!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Death Race – We Promise to Never Do This To You

Go watch that video. What is All Out Events about? Rather than torturing you because we can and because you crave it, we’re here to give you an epic tour of the venue, fun challenges, and wonderful elements to the race. We’ll never make you hike your bike for hours only to ride down a dirt road for five minutes, and we’ll never make you chop wood just to show you can. And we’ll never bill a race as longer or shorter than it really is.

All Out Events – we do it because we’re stoked on showing you the very best of nature that you can get to on two wheels, two feet, or with two sides of a paddle.

All Out Events introduces the Laguna Lake Mud Mash

Banner 2

This Halloween, All Out Events is bring its version of the ever-popular mud run to San Luis Obispo. 

Participants (otherwise known as Mud Suckers) will run, as individuals and as teams, through a 5k or 10k course winding through SLO's Laguna Lake park, sloshing through its muddy waters, climbing over obstacles, under humvees loaned by Camp San Luis Obispo, running up rarely traveled trails only to have to fight off our gladiators to pass, and finish it all off with a giant Slip-n-Slide-style hill into a mudpit.

"Halloween's a great time to have an event like this,' says race director and company owner, Yishai Horowitz. "Not only should the weather be moderate, but what a great way to get into the spirit of the holiday - bring a costume, be a kid again, and yes, we're even offering trick-or-treating!" Contestants should bring their own bags to carry on course and receive great products and candies at the obstacles as they conquer them.

The Mud Mash, as it is called, also features a Warriors' Cup for public servants such as military personnel, firefighters, and peace officers. Civilians will compete for fun alongside the warriors in an all-out splash 'n dash of Halloween fun. Proceeds will go to support SLO County's Special Olympics, which is dedicated to giving special needs' athletes the same kind of experiences that All Out Events creates for its participants.

More information can be found at

The event starts at 9 am on 10/31/2010. Please contact Yishai Horowitz at 805 720 1245 for more information. We offer free registration for journalists intending to cover the race.

Monday, September 13, 2010

All Out Events: We Also Rig for Movies!

So here’s what we did this morning:


Yishai and I go downtown with a huge ladder, a bag full of gear, ropes, and 150 lbs of cable (well, actually, I have no idea how much, but it’s what we use to rig the tyroleans with for the adventure races). As we’re scoping the place out, hey, here comes trouble: it’s Keith, the city’s head tree guy, here to make sure we treat them nicely. We do. We alllllllways do.


So here’s Y way up in the branches doing his magic.


And here’s the actor and all the support staff giving it a test-run. He’s supposed to do the scene on the top of that railing and there’s a 40-foot drop off on the other side. Should be interesting to see how filming goes tomorrow night.

This is for indie film More than Stars, coming to a SLO Film Fest near you.

Hey, someone Yelped us!

Who knew?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reel Rock Tour Trailer

If this doesn’t stoke you out, quit reading the blog.

But if it does, book your reservation now for Pine Mountain Pulldown – we’re showing it at the West Coast premier on Friday night. Watch an awesome film and be psyched for the bouldering on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pine Mountain Pulldown Partnerships – Say That Five Times Fast!

It’s a month away, and we here in SLO are getting excited! In August we went to the Outdoor Retailer summer market and met with many companies, and we were stoked about the enthusiasm everyone had for Pine Mountain!

And why wouldn’t you? The west coast’s only outdoor bouldering comp, a dyno comp, free beer, non-stop festivities, and meeting new people?

It wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without the participation of our partners. Many thanks to the following: SLO Op Climbing (who will be sponsoring our dyno wall, as usual), Sickle, Evolv, Omega Pacific, 5.10, Urban Climber, La Sportiva, Vertical Hold Climbing,, Mad Rock (providing event participants with awesome reusable swag bags and official event shirts!), Prana, Clif Bar, and Bomber Holds (who will be supplying our holds for the dyno comp).

We’ll post more as more companies confirm participation. Support your climbing community by supporting the companies that support us!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Helping Christian Burke break a record and aid his kid’s school . . .

All Out Events (well, okay, Yishai & Kristin) is going down to LA to help Adventure Racing friend Christian Burke do something insane: run 24 hours in soft sand at Hermosa Beach.

I don’t even like walking in soft sand for five minutes, much less this.

What a great example of how to take a skill and use it to build community, though!