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Monday, September 13, 2010

All Out Events: We Also Rig for Movies!

So here’s what we did this morning:


Yishai and I go downtown with a huge ladder, a bag full of gear, ropes, and 150 lbs of cable (well, actually, I have no idea how much, but it’s what we use to rig the tyroleans with for the adventure races). As we’re scoping the place out, hey, here comes trouble: it’s Keith, the city’s head tree guy, here to make sure we treat them nicely. We do. We alllllllways do.


So here’s Y way up in the branches doing his magic.


And here’s the actor and all the support staff giving it a test-run. He’s supposed to do the scene on the top of that railing and there’s a 40-foot drop off on the other side. Should be interesting to see how filming goes tomorrow night.

This is for indie film More than Stars, coming to a SLO Film Fest near you.

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