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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ancient Peaks Mountain Bike Classic: “Honestly, this could be the best place to ride in all of Southern California.”

March 11, 2011, San Luis Obispo, CA – After working a long day building mountain bike trails at Santa Margarita Ranch in Santa Margarita, CA for the upcoming July 23-24 Ancient Peaks Mountain Bike Classic, two of the volunteer crew sent emails to the community.

Joining race director Yishai Horowitz, volunteers meet regularly to develop trails in the hills, following cattle paths and natural lines. Armed with picks and McLeod hoes, it takes hours of manwork to create the 16-mile cross country and 1.2 mile downhill courses, and the community is stepping up efforts to have them in place for the July competition.

Dave Morrow, an avid community cyclist and 2010 SLO Cyclocross director, sang praises in an unsolicited email to the biking community. “The views from the ridges are classic unspoiled California – stellar,” he said. He continued, highlighting the benefits of building it on the 14,000 acre privately-owned ranch, including stating that he “enjoyed helping pick lines that will be fun ridden in either direction and engage the rider (e.g. swoopy and potentially fast).”

Replying to his email, fellow volunteer worker Colin Michael replied, saying, “Honestly, this could be the best place to ride in all of Southern California.”

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