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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Slideshow goodness

I am sitting here collecting photos for the slideshow that we’ll be showing at this weekend’s Endurance Live tradeshow in San Diego (booth 426, by the exit and bike demo) that we’ll be sharing with the California Adventure Race Association, Desert Dash, Renegade Racing, and SB Timing.

And as I’m looking at our photos, I’m just like, “Damn. It kills me that people have no clue how awesome this is.” That’s kind of why we want to go to the tradeshow, which is mostly focused on tris. We offer both more accessible races for tris and also far more difficult races than Ironmans. And WAY more fun, to boot. And in far more beautiful access points.

So I made a little slideshow for AR promotion in general.


I hope we make some good connections this weekend. AR is awesome.

That includes mud runs.

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