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Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Another Day at the Office


Your intrepid race director and production manager went out with two of the area’s finest (Nate Lewis and Paul Bailey) to scout for trails for this year’s Ancient Peaks Mountain Bike Classic today. Left at 8:30, and after a few miles of asphalt and a few more miles of mud, rocks, and well . . . yours truly was kissing the ground by the time we got to the top of the road . . . we were on our way, hiking the fire breaks of the “ancient peaks” above the vineyard.


We left one 4-by at this cabin/lake combo and headed still higher up some gnarly terrain. Parking at a little turn around, we went up. And then we went down. And then we went up again. And then a lot more down. And then some more up.


Consulting the map before descending into the valley and then back up into the mountains/hills you see in the background.


And picking up probably 20 lbs of chantrelle mushrooms between us. Seems like maybe I should have a side job harvesting and selling them. Would pay more than my current gigs.

And with something like 10-12 miles done, Yishai thinks he is 100% sure what our cross country trail is gonna look like. Huzzah!

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