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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The May Adventure Sprint Is On!

We've been talking a lot about how awesome our 12-hour course is this year, and you've been listening! We have a record number of participants this year, but we also want to remind you of the awesomeness that is the Sprint Race.

As mentioned in National Geographic Adventure magazine as *the* recommended sprint race, we have a great, adventurous course waiting for you. Grab a buddy and paddle the fingers of Santa Margarita Lake in our brand-new fleet of tandem kayaks, ride the wicked fun that is the hills of the lake recreation area and Shangri-La ranch, and trek through some of the most beautiful and accessibly hidden trails the lake can offer - you'll scramble up the side of a creek, over flat sandstone slopes, get great views, and have an amazing morning adventure.

So . . . tell your friends and we'll see you soon!

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