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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The ECOSLO Morro Bay Tri: What to Expect?

The time’s coming – the annual ECOSLO Morro Bay Tri. In addition to last year’s Olympic length, we’ve added a sprint course as well.
In case this is Greek to you:
Olympic Distance : 1.5K Swim | 40K Bike | 10K Run
Sprint Distance : 750M Swim | 20.5K Bike | 5.4K Run
These lengths make up the majority of tri competitions, and for good reason – they’re accessible, and any level of fitness can shine here.
The order is usually the same: swim, bike, and run. And for good reason, you don’t want to do a swim when you’re dirt tired – it’s ordered for safety!

I hate swimming! Well, cool. We’ve got a kayak option. And, believe you me, I am not a big swimmer myself. Enjoy the same water views as the swimmers, but without the wet and saltiness.
Our swim is in Morro Bay, a protected cove and home to fishermen and hobby boaters, along with adorable sea otters and sea lions.
But what about tides? We carefully select our dates and times to allow for a “slack tide.” This means the tide is moving neither in nor out. It should feel very much like a lake swim. But be careful: if you practice in these waters, be sure you also select a slack tide – we don’t want you getting sucked out to hostile, shark-infested waters! (Just kidding, though at last year’s adventure race, we did see some blue whales.)

As for bikes, both courses will head north on highway 1 on an out-and-back this year, the difference is when you’ll turn back around out. You’ll enjoy a mostly flat ride along the ocean. We’ve got a road closure and great coning, and we promise the course will be super well-marked! You’ll be safe, sound, and confident so you can give the course your all.

And then let’s finish it out with a race on the sand. Last year it was an out-and-back, but this year we’re pleased to give you a different view: you’ll start out on dirt and boardwalk, go through a cute neighborhood, turn left and come back on the sand. Watch out for snowy plovers – be kind to our beach birdies!
Yup, pretty straight forward. We keep you safe, make your life happy, and it’s all to benefit a great cause: ECOSLO.
But, you know, this is an All Out event, and we expect you to not just be hard core, but have fun!

This dude knows what I’m talking about – he’s rolling through the finish line! Huzzah!

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