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Monday, December 13, 2010

AR Camp and the Ancient Peaks Classic

It may be the off season for racing, but that’s not stopping us . . .

Stay tuned for an awesome post about our upcoming Ancient Peaks Classic mountain bike race coming this July to the Central Coast. We’ve got exclusive permission to build world-class trails on a previously untouched piece of private property!

And the big announcement, though we’re not fully ready yet:

Get ready for the Central Coast Adventure Camp (hey, it’s still CCAC!) coming to you on April 9-10! [Please note, the date has changed from initial release!]

Here’s what we have cooking:

So far we have the following instructors on board including:
Cyril from Dart Nuun
Christian Burke from Feed the Machine
Mark Manning from AR Nav
Hani Juha from Racing with Giants
More instructors coming soon!

The camp's format is still in the works, but it will most likely start with a big welcome party Friday night where we outline what's going to happen, then be broken up into two groups: a novice and more advanced group. The novice would rotate through workshops, blending classroom and practical applications. At the end of all the classes the groups would be split into race teams and participate in a mock race. If there is enough interest in doing a Paul Romero and Karen Lundgren E-Camp style thing (sadly, they’re not available), where the participants do a 24 hour race simulation with an instructor, we are down and we have a sweet course, but it really depends on people's interest. These are the topics we’re looking at offering.

  • · Navigation
  • Mountain bike clinics
  • Transition skills
  • Paddling skills (flat water, Ocean – could do rolling)
  • Women’s Clinic
  • Nutrition/hydration/supplementation
  • First Aid and staying safe
  • o Foot/body care in normal course of event
  • Outfitting (what to carry, what to wear)

o Advanced gear selection (ie, building a bike, running shoes, kayaks, etc)

o Packing and carrying gear

  • · Night course

o Mountain biking

o Navigation

  • · Rope elements

o Ascending

o Descending

o Basic knots

o Equipment

  • · Psych techniques (what to expect, how to stay positive and work as a team)
  • · Solo clinic
  • · Training
  • · Bike mechanics
  • · Team building (literally, like, forming a team, either permanently or just for the race)
  • · Intro to adventure racing (history, theories, the sport)

What do you think? Feedback most welcome!

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