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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pine Mountain Pulldown Wrap Up

We here at All Out Events are *still* recovering from an amazing festival and comp weekend, and it's a week later. 

67619_445097724627_564454627_5033151_8020125_nPhoto by Adam Kimmerly

We arrived early on Thursday to ready the festival venue and build an enormous, beautiful dyno wall for Saturday night's competition. Set next to the stage, with both prominent features decked out in sponsor graphics, event attendees couldn't help but be drawn to the wall - feeling it, trying the holds . . . and as sponsors rolled in the following day, the excitement gathered. Registrants picked up their event t-shirts and repurposed pint glasses for their liquid consumptions.

67619_445097739627_564454627_5033154_7819968_n Photo by Adam Kimmerly

When the sun finally set and the Sierra Nevada kegs were tapped, everyone settled in around the stage for the West Coast premiere of the Reel Rock tour, a climbing video collection featuring some of the most cutting edge storytelling and feats available. We were honored to have the showing attended by North Face representatives and the stars of "Top Rope Tough Guys" introduced the film, making the showing that much more enjoyable.

67619_445097749627_564454627_5033156_6330748_n Photo by Adam Kimmerly

Saturday morning found climbers working hard to get up classic, quality sandstone routes in with views into the Central Valley and out above the Pacific ocean. Temperatures could not have been more perfect. Many attendees dropped by our shoe sponsor vans to demo Evolv, 5.10, and Mad Rock products, and everyone had a blast. After the comp was over, attendees rolled back down to the Pine Mountain Inn, greeted by a custom burrito bar supplied by All Out and our volunteers.

67457_439812723036_557938036_5376153_4122866_n Photo by Jason Refuerzo

When everyone had had their fill, it was awards time - with many locals taking top prizes, but most notably Daniel Beal of Poway, CA taking home Men's Open and overall winner, but Ian Dory, of Fort Collins, CO really left an impression by not only making a First Ascent baited by event director Yishai Horowitz and taking home booty supplied by Omega Pacific and a gift certificate from 5.10 (he named it "Brown Eyed Girl" for his lady), but for winning the most exciting dyno competition we've had at Pine Mountain yet. The evening wrapped up with a band, guest fire spinner, and a huge party rocking attendees into the night.

68508_445097904627_564454627_5033165_2332915_n (1) Photo by Adam Kimmerly

Sunday morning we had a free pancake feed and Adopt a Crag event to clean up Pine Mountain (which really doesn't need to much care, because our attendees are so contentious of their environment) and the staff broke down the event. It was a long, lonely ride home as we had to say goodbye to our friends, old and new, and return to the daily grind. Pine Mountain isn't just bouldering at a secret gem, and it isn't just a good party, it's a real community that springs up out of nowhere and just as quickly is gone . . . and everyone can't wait to come back next year. :)

68391_439812888036_557938036_5376160_1671526_n Photo by Jason Refuerzo

Attached photos are courtesy of Adam Kimmerly and Jason Refuerzo. More photos and updates available on our Facebook page. Complete results are available here:

We'd like to thank all our sponsors for prizes, great booths, and support of this amazing event. Moreover, HUGE thanks to the San Diego crew, sponsoring gyms, and Bomber Holds for making it – we wouldn’t have been the success we were without you!


Photo by Jason Refuerzo

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